First Marks – Paul Thölen & Tom van den Bogaard

Daaaaaang this place looks amazing! Freedom BMX just uploaded this new one featuring Paul Tholen and Tom van den Bogaard getting some laps in at this amazing new park in Eberswalde over in Germany! These guys both bring a good mix of style, plenty of boost and speed to this place. Hit play and start wishing you had this place to ride every day!

Paul Thölen and Tom Van Den Bogaard were recently in Eberswalde to test the new bowl from Schneestern. You won’t find any rails and ledges here, there is a lot of smooth concrete, perfect for smooth lines and a lot of airtime. The facility in the forest sports facility Eberswalde-Finow consists of a large concrete bowl and a pump track that leads around the outside. “Flow” is the magic word here. What a damn cool part! But see for yourself …

Video: Max Thölen / Schneestern
Thumbnail: Viktor Strasse”

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