Norway’s Finest from The Hunt BMX

Interview with Ole and Ola

Ole and Ola put in a lof of hard work and amazing riding this year for their Hunt video part. I think they lived like 2 hours from eachother too so filming together was a road trip every time. Here's a little Q&A with the dynamic duo from Norway about their Hunt bMX video part form 2012.

1. How did you first hear about The Hunt and what made you want to film a part for the video?
- The first time I heard or saw anything from The Hunt was when I saw the Chad Kerley teaser. That made me check it out, and I bought the first DVD once it came out. I really liked the movie, and I saw that also other people were stoked when the parts were leaked on the web.
I guess I just wanted to do the same thing. The weather did not turn out good, and I got no good spots to film at. Anyways, we came through with some clips on the 2-3 days we spent filming in the city.

2. Who was your Filmer and why did you work with him?
- My clips are filmed in Bergen, Norway, which is like on the west coast of Norway. The rest is filmed in Oslo, by Simen. My friend Robin Helgesen was kind enough to film me and send them over to Simen in Oslo. Robin and I used to film very often at that time, and the hunt project was a perfect reason to film even more.

3. What makes your part and filming style stand out?
- Haha, I don’t know. Robin like to film with fisheye. I guess there is too many clips with fisheye, so we are going to limit that for future edits and videos.
Simen, who filmed Ola’s clips, also filmed a lot with a fisheye lens. Our style of riding is pretty much the same I guess. Ola and I like to do barspins, truckdrivers, grinds, whips and that sort of tricks.

4. What's your favorite Hunt other than your own?
- ED ZUNDA AND MIKE GREY! They’re both killing it. I can’t really say that our part is my favorite, haha.

5. What was the most difficult part filming for The Hunt?
- The stress. Who was going to do the editing and all that. Robin wanted to do the editing, but we agreed that Simen should do it. Then I got the clips on a memory card that I brought with me to Oslo, and when we put it in the computer, it was empty. We had to get Robin to send over my favorite clips of me to Simen, so actually there are some clips missing.

6. In your eyes what makes a good video part? Riding? Music? Spots? Filming? Or is it all of the above?
- Hmm, this is a though one. There are so many good video parts. There has to be a good mix of music, riding, spots and of course filming.
I cannot say that our part is too good. I personally think that it could be much better. I was surprised to see Ola’s clips, as most of his clips are mind-blowing to me.
To do something new is really interesting. Like Chad and Ed’s parts. They both have two songs. I think that is really cool.

7. What was your favorite spot in your part and why?
- The 10 stairs. There is two set of 10 stairs like right next to each other. I had seen the spot before (in edits) and did not think that the stairs was so big in real life. I was actually joking about doing the banger, but Ola and Simen pushed me to do it. I think that we could have filmed soo much more on that spot.

8. Do you have any good memories or stories from filming for The Hunt?
- Falling like ten times, trying to get that 180 bar at the end of our part. Rolling away from that trick was the best feeling.
Also, the being at the afterparty/premiere at Rebel jam was insane, even though they did not play our part there, haha.

9. Where do you get your creative riding inspiration?
- Skateboarding videos can really get me pumped to ride, I don’t know why.

10. Do you have any other projects in the works?
- Hell yeah. I just got hooked up by Simple Bikes and I am really looking forward to see how that turns out. Going to film a “Welcome to the Simple team edit” very soon, so that is my main project at the moment. Look out for that!
Also, Ola and I got invitations to Simple Sessions this year. To be in that contest has been a dream to me for years, and now I finally have the opportunity to compete there.
I am really just looking forward to how 2013 will turn out. I have a lot of plans, and I am really looking forward to how it will turn out.



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