Ed Zunda Wins The Hunt!

Fucking Eddie!!!

It was a crazy night last night.  Eduards Zunda took the overall win and had a crazy video part.  Steezy 360s out of rails, whips out of rails, big truck drivers and overall just a level above.

We were over capacity at the theatre and had to sneak Larry Alvarado and his crew in the back. 

It was hard keeping the whole run order a secret but all the parts were so damn solid that it was a good time any which way you watch it!

Here is a breakdown of the featured riders:

Ed Zunda, Drew Hosselton, Jourdan Barba, Mike Gray, Justin Care, Pat Casey, Corey Wiergowski, Broc Raiford, Josh Perry/DiGerloma, Jake Ortiz, Joel Marchand, Chris Hughes, Daniel Martinez.  

Bonus Section Bangers: Rickey Mosely, Dylan McCauley, Drew Quinlan, Ole& Ola, Tanner Easterla, Tim Watson, Anton Anarson, Dan Setmeyer.

Best Trick Park: Chris Hughes Body Varial

Best Street Trick: Corey Wiergowski triple kinker uprail to barspin

And Chris Hughes was chased by zombies in his video part and he wrote the music for his video part and learned to fly a plane for the final scene in the video. Insanity. Love the dedication.  These guys are all on their own path to being legends in their own time.


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