Devon Smillie Off Eclat

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Here’s some news that some of you might have figured out already. Devon Smillie is no longer riding for Eclat. We’re not sure what happened or when, but Devon’s no longer riding their parts and isn’t listed on the Eclat website anymore. What we do know is Devon has decided to go all in on riding for Flybikes where he already has his signature Fuego line with a frame, bars, seat, grips and tires. Above is a look at his new setup which is 100% Flybikes from top to bottom, including the new Magneto cassette hub. This also includes a sneak peek look at his new frame colorway for 2021 that’ll be out in a few months as well!

What do you think about the news? What do you think about Devon’s new bike? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments below!

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