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The latest round of the Unclicked Podcast has arrived. This time around Ryan Fudger and Dennis Enarson sit down with Demarcus Paul to talk about what happened with Volume, how he’s been dealing with the COVID stuff, discussing racism and Demarcus’ experiences in BMX, filming projects and more! Hit play and take in nearly 3 hours of discussion!

New logo, new co-host, new location, and a new dog that interrupts the podcast, but it’s still the same Unclicked Podcast…now in video form!

Season 2, Episode 2. The first ever repeat guest on Unclicked, Demarcus Paul, sits down to discuss some poignant topics within the world, what happened with longtime sponsor Volume Bikes, and who his new sponsor is…

1:00 – What happened with Volume?
15:20 – Life as a father during Coronavirus and having family members who’ve caught it.
34:40 – Have you experienced racism within BMX?
53:50 – Demarcus’ take on the Sean Morr/Madera/Hinkens situation
1:05:30 – “People get the impression that I hate skateboarders”
1:10:30 – “Dennis fought a one-armed man”
1:19:40 – Standing up for your friends
1:27:30 – Does systemic racism exist in BMX?
1:40:20 – “To the people listening, don’t be afraid to talk about racism”
1:50:08 – Uprail backflip?!
2:04:30 – Christian Rigal/Demarcus video part
2:09:45 – Paying it forward to younger riders” – Our BMX

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