Demarcus Paul On Etnies Pro Team

The sponsor news continues to flow! Here’s some news that probably won’t surprise too many people, but it’s great news! Etnies have finally bumped Demarcus Paul up to the Pro team after riding AM / flow since around 2015. This is super well deserved since Demarcus has been crushing it for years now, and we’re excited to see what 2021 has to offer for him!

It also sounds like Etnies have a bunch of things planned for their 35th anniversary this year. New signature shoes and colorways and more on the way. I got a preview of things to come last week and it’s definitely looking pretty rad. So get stoked for that.

Today, etnies proudly welcomes X Games Real BMX Medalist DeMarcus Paul to the pro team! Joining the ranks of Nathan Williams, Tom Dugan, Chase Hawk, Jordan Godwin, Devon Smillie and Felix Prangenberg, DeMarcus will fit right in with the etnies’ squad.
Originally from Albany, Georgia, DeMarcus’ natural street style speaks for itself as he is known to lay down hammers with a casual approach and humble demeanor. In addition to his 2017 Bronze in X Games Real BMX, DeMarcus landed the coveted ender of the 2015 Volume 1 BMX film and the 2018 Our BMX “Headlights” video.
” – Etnies

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