Demarcus Paul Off Volume Bikes

Here’s some news we definitely did not see coming! Demarcus Paul has decided to step down from the Volume Bikes team after a little over 6 years with the brand! It sounds like it was a decision Demarcus took without any sort of plan or motive beyond just feeling like his time with the brand had come to an end. Although Demarcus doesn’t appear to have any set plans, we can only imagine it won’t be long before he has some offers and potentially a new deal since he’s still riding amazing and crushing it as always. It’s always a bummer hearing about sponsor changes like this, but hopefully it opens a door up for another rider on Volume and gives Demarcus a fresh perspective and motivation to keep pushing his riding!

Check out Demarcus’ Volume “The Finer Things” part…

While we’re at it… Check out his “Headlights” part, too!

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