Dan’s Comp – How To 360 A BMX Bike

Over the years we’ve seen a few how to videos on this one, but it’s been a while! Dan’s Comp released this new How To video showing you how to 360 on a BMX bike. If you’re just getting started or need to help getting the bike all the way around, definitely give this video a watch since there’s some great tips and advice, along with plenty of examples. Hit play and take it all in, then grab you bike and send it!

Dan’s Comp employees Derek Embry and Mike Barrow teach you how to 360 a BMX bike as part of our ongoing How-To YouTube series. 360’s are such a fun and versatile BMX trick that every rider wants learn.

Featured riders:
Derek Embry – @derekembry
Mike Barrow – @mikey_likes_bikes
Additional filming by Corey Haury” – Dan’s Comp

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