Corey Walsh Comes Out

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We’re a little late to posting this, but the other day Corey Walsh made an announcement on his Instagram coming out to the world that he is gay. Based on his post, it’s something he has been contemplating announcing for a while now, and we can only imagine the weight off his shoulders after getting such an amazing response from the BMX community. We’re stoked for Corey and glad he felt confident enough to let it all out to everyone, and the fact that it will likely help others that have been struggling with coming out as well. We can only imagine the struggle so many people battle with that haven’t felt that they could. Corey is and continues to be one of our favorite riders and this just adds to the amount of respect we have for him! Check out what Corey had to say above, then check out the DIG WEBSITE for more from Corey about this! Kyle Carlson over at Vital BMX also put up a post with some great words about this as well. Hell yeah, Corey!

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