Comeback Kid – Leon Hoppe

It has been a little while since we’ve seen Leon Hoppe throwing down on his bike. It turns out he took some time off, but he’s back on it. Hit play for a fresh batch of clips filmed over the past year or so from street sessions. As always, Leon is a beast and throws down some technical lines filled with grinds, balance and bike control. We imagine we’ll be seeing plenty more from Leon in 2021 now that he’s fired back up.

Don’t call it a comeback! After disappearing from the German scene for a minute, Radio Bikes rider Leon Hoppe is back with a new video that proves he’s still capable of throwing down hammers. Check it!

Leon Hoppe had become a little quieter in the past two years. It was rumored that the radio bike rider was now more interested in standing in the fan section of his favorite football club than on the bike.

Not least because this is currently not possible for known reasons, Leon has been spotted more and more at 20 inches in recent months. Old love just doesn’t rust. Now there is even a new video from him – and lo and behold: Leon has not forgotten anything. Rather, he throws wild double bars around him as always and the head-over-roll still sits like a one. 47 represent and welcome back, bears!

Camera: Daniel Bos, Kai Schulte-Lippern
Editor: Kai Schulte-Lippern” – Freedom BMX

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