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You’ll want to take a closer look at the new Projector Stem from Cinema…

When it comes to new BMX products, it’s been a while since we’ve had something really catch our eye and have us need to take a closer look. Cinema BMX posted up this new stem design they released and we almost just thought it was another basic front load stem. Then we noticed a strange wedge look to it, and we realized it wasn’t just another stem. The Projector Stem takes the look of a front load, but gives your bars the lift of a top load stem. They’ve given it a unique wedge design that lifts the stem up to a 25mm rise with a 33mm stack height and a 50mm reach, so at first glance it appears to be a front load (which it is), but it tilts back a bit because of that added lift.

View more photos and details below…

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The Projector stem is made from 6061-T6 aluminum, with six oversized 5mm allen bolts, a recessed top for a clean look, angled edges for a clean look and a little extra material taken out at the middle of the stem to help offset the weight of that added wedge material below for an 11.6 oz weight. The Projector stem is available in Black, Polished and Iceberg Blue for $54.99 through BMX shops and mail-orders that carry Cinema BMX worldwide starting now.

Cinema BMX Projector Stem

Without seeing the side photo, you might not even have noticed the wedge shape that gives this stem the added height to make it feel more like a top load stem. You can view the Polished and Iceberg Blue colors right here if Black isnt’ your color choice.

Cinema BMX Projector Stem

A recessed top and clean edges. Can’t go wrong with the overall look of the Projector Stem.

What do you think of this stem? Are you digging it or nah? Do you have any questions? Let us know what you think in the comments down below!

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