Cinema BMX – Garrett Reynolds “Lost and Found”

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Cinema BMX dug into the archives and put together a bunch of dialed Garrett Reynolds footage from the past 10 or so years into a raw cut for your viewing pleasure. It’s a cool look back on a ton of amazing riding that you already know is too good to miss. Hit play an take in all 6 minutes of footage!

We dusted off the archives and put together this mix of “Lost & Found” Garrett Reynolds footage. When you’ve been ahead of the game as long as Garrett, your footage holds its value, being just as relevant today as it was back in 2010 – 2012. Some of the very first Cinema team trips through SoCal, Phoenix and Tulsa, filmed and edited by Will Stroud.

Additional Filming:
Tony Ennis
Christian Rigal
Dakota Roche” – Cinema BMX

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