Chocolate Truck – Lil’ Mixtape

It has been a while since we’ve seen a fresh BMX video from the Chocolate Truck squad, but they’ve been out in the streets staying productive. Here’s a new mix loaded with goodness to get you stoked on. We’re hearing rumors their latest full-length might just happen this year, too! Hit play to take it all in.

Recently got a new set up so I wanted to put all the un-used clips I had together…

Riders: Kevin Vanauker, Breyon Woods, Ryan Niranonta, Joe Niranonta, Nick Barrett, John Yoh, Matt Miller, Herman McCracken, Jose Morales, Steve Tassone, Rocky Ventura, Joby Sender, George Duran.

Music: Madlib – Episode VIII & Episode XVIII” – Evan Yoh

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