Cancelled Crew – Tim Schoberth “Your Eyes”

Freedom BMX coming through with a fresh Tim Schoberth video for your viewing pleasure. Tim goes to work on street spot with no shortage of grinds with and without pegs, making for a real solid watch. Hit play and take a look!

Groovy, dude! Canceled crew member Tim Schoberth grinding down his pedals all over Germany.

Tim Schoberth was just behind the camera at Artur Meister’s contribution to our Bangers video contest, when he changes sides again and slips into the role of the main actor again for a change. In “Your Eyes” the canceled crew member melts a number of pedals, but two pegs have also found their way back to his rider, which makes for a varied mix of tricks. The whole thing is garnished with the psychedelic visuals typical of Tim’s videos and a soundtrack that is not exactly chart-suitable. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? So open your senses and then hit “Play”!

Camera: David Schaller, Artur Meister and the Homies
Editor: Tim Schoberth” – Freedom BMX

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