Camilo Gutierrez – BMX At The Airport

Over the years we’ve seen BMX videos from A LOT of unique places, but we’re pretty sure this is the first time we’ve seen a video from an airport. Camilo Gutierrez found a way to get some riding time in at the Berlin – Tempelhof airport over in Germany. We’re not sure what circumstances that lead to this working out, but we’re stoked on it. Check out some dialed flatland riding at one hell of a unique spot!

BMX Freestyle Professional Rider Camilo Gutierrez explores iconic locations of the central airport „ Berlin – Tempelhof „ , famous for its monumental architecture and his important role in the german & global history.
Built between 1936 -1941, The Airport Tempelhof was used for multiple purposes, from a former Commercial Airport through the Cold War episode 1948/49 and till to be the Refuge’s home in 2015.
Over original recorded sounds and exclusive Soundtrack, mostly Areal and slow motion shots document the journey of a bmx freestyler in the empty locations of one of the biggest Buildings and Structures in the World.
BMX at Airport shows the use that Camilo does of the huge space with his dynamic bmx riding, showing us a new way to experience the airport’s space with the bicycle.

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