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We’re not exactly sure what Call Somebody is all about, but we are stoked to see this full-length video they’re working on! Here’s a promo for the video, which also coincidentally is a full-length video filled with the footage that didn’t make it into the full video. Hit play to check out 38 minutes of real solid riding from a TON of different riders, many you may have heard of before, but quite a few new names you might not know. Needless to say, if this is the leftover footage, we can only imagine how good the final video is. Hit play and take it all in!

Check out the full list of riders below…

Leftover footage from our upcoming full length bmx video, Call Somebody.

Riders (in order of first appearance):
Ben Linschoten
Derek Cano
George Gustafson
Kaleb Romero
Paul Smith
Dustin Arp
Chris Zidek
Byron Richardson
Scott Marceau
Taylor Bonds
Clint Zabodyne
Ryan Cramer
Phil Bossmeyer
Jacob Conard
Josh Lucero
Alex Duleba
Chris Cutright
Jon Harris
Nick Ferreira
Jacob Hinton
Daniel Storey
Asian Geoff
Ross Albreski
Wayne Russell
Stephen Gotz
Aaron Simone
Manny Kilpack
Zenen Saneshige
Anthony Pallante
Nick Welsch
Sam Tedesco
Felipe Manerim
Bo Bowen
Jordan Stump
Josh Dissinger
Rob DiQuattro
Robbie Owen
Erik Elstran
Danny Camacho
Jamie Wiseman
James Pocowatchit
Dev Burks
Devon Lampan
Raz Lampman
Jeff Dowhen
Kyle Rohling
Chrix Kowaleski
Jacob Conard
Jeff Klugiewicz

Freddie Gibbs – Pronto
Mode Moderne – Radio Heartbeats
Purple Mountains – All My Happiness is Gone
Tame One – Up 2 No Good Again
Greg Caposi Trio – You Are the Best Thing (Ray Lamontagne cover)
End of a Year – Composite Character
Bay Faction – One Thrill
Benny the Butcher – Intro: Babs
Soccer Mommy – Your Dog
Tennis – Pigeon
Joey Badass – Hardknock
Remember Sports – The Washing Machine

Derek Cano

Additional Filming:
Chris Cutright
Phil Bossmeyer
Rob DiQuattro
Ben Linschoten
Dustin Arp
Wayne Russell
Chris Zidek
Valentin Hansen
Paul Smith
Jeff Klugiewicz
Pifficus” – Call Somebody

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