Brian Tunney – March 2021 Clips

The Spring vibes have been happening more and more, and that’s been awesome. Brian Tunney is kicking off April 1st with a fresh batch of clips he filmed over the course of March! As always, Brian delivers with some great flatland combos, and he even slipped in a few clips from a bank, too!

So far, my riding this year has been all over the place. February, I experimented with some weird pedal decade stuff, and this past month, I actually escaped the empty basketball court and rode some stuff in my neighborhood. It was fun, it made me think different and it might happen a little bit more now that I realized I can still bunnyhop without losing all muscle function in my back. But this isn’t about old man bunnyhopping. It’s more about not limiting oneself to a type of riding, a type of trick or a type of bike, all of which I categorically fall into from time to time. So here’s your reminder: If you’re bored with your riding, try something new (or old) and break up the routine. After being stuck at home for a year, it’s something we could all use more of. Happy spring…” – Brian Tunney

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