Brian Tunney – June 2020 Clips

Brian Tunney keeping the monthly videos going! Although it sounds like June wasn’t the best month for him riding wise, it looks like Brain pushed through to get some sessions and film a few clips! Take a look at what he came up with!

So it’s June, 2020, and by the end of May, I was still going down the undertaker rabbit hole I’ve been visiting since last year. I knew it had to end, or at least lay dormant for a time, but I wanted to get undertaker to gerator to backyard to undertaker filmed just once before I let up on undertakers. It was not an easy task for me, but it eventually happened.

The rest of the month, my motivation was in the toilet. I still went out and managed a few things but I also understand that stepping back is just as important as riding.

Then came the peg-to-peg decade. It’s a trick in the don’t mess with box for me, because I’ve fallen, really bad, more than a few times, when I attempted it as teen. I managed one, then two this past month. And the wheels in my brain started turning. It’s still something I want to explore but I’m also just a little excited that I managed to overcome a past fear and move a tiny bit past it. I’ve still got a long way to go, and I might never get there, but for the time being, it’s nice to revisit a piece of BMX past.” – Brian Tunney

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