Brian Tunney – January 2021 Clips

Brian Tunney has been keeping his monthly videos going strong for two years now, and we’re really stoked to see he’s keeping it going! Here’s his latest kicking 2021 off with some laid back flatland riding (while battling the pickle ball people for his spot) and some new music you probably haven’t heard, but will likely be stoked on! Hit play and enjoy!

Apologies in advance: no scooter tricks. January is customarily, a slow riding month for me because work gets crazy. This year, despite the pandemic and the near collapse of democrazy, I was still really busy with work so this is basically three weekends of riding crammed into one awkward January video.

Anyone remember the band Karate? Neither does iTunes. They were a three-piece slow core band from the Boston area that evolved into a loose jazz outfit over time and released a handful of really influential records through Southern Records, none of which are still in print or available for digital purchase. The song used here is a Karate cover done by New Idea Society. I didn’t ask Mike Law if he was cool with me using it, but I can safely assume that he is.

Buy the tribute album here, it’s really great, and look around on YouTube if you’re curious about the original band. Their albums are all still available for listening here, but it’s just not the same as buying and owning it.

Anyways, buy this music here.” — Brian Tunney

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