Brian Tunney – December 2020 Clips

When Brian Tunney started his monthly videos in 2019, he planned to do it for a year, but he ended up keeping it going through 2020 and we’re real stoked on that! Hopefully we get another year of these videos since we always look forward to it. Hit play to check out what Brian laid down during his sessions on his bike… and scooter.

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Started out on some good days in early December, but the crushing depression of the holidays won out in the end. Two highlights for me are the double barspin lawnmower to undertaker and the single barspin lawnmower to undertaker to smith. I wish I had more good things to say about riding this month but I am still embattled in a territory war against a pickle ball league at the place where I ride. Onto better things, see ya 2020.” – Brian Tunney

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