Brad Simms OFF Fit Bike Co.

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Here’s some news we didn’t expect to see this morning. Fit Bike Co. released an Instagram post this morning announcing that Brad Simms is off the team after just 9 months in a lengthy, detailed post. Based on the information from the post, it sounds like it all came down to a disagreement on the pay. Which, after the huge year Brad had, it wouldn’t be a surprise Brad was getting other offers and wanted to renegotiate things with Fit. Well, Fit wasn’t having it, and communication broke down, and here we are. It’s also pretty rare to get this kind of detail on why a rider was let go since a lot of sponsorship details aren’t really public info.
Either way, it’s definitely a bummer to see this happen, but we would imagine it won’t be long before Brad finds a new brand to ride for, and it will give Fit room to bump somebody else up to the Pro team.

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