Bordeaux Trip

Traveling this past year wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but Robin Bourhis, Ryoma Quenot made a trip to Bordeaux, France to cruise the spots all around the area and ride with some friends along the way! Hit play to check out a bunch of real solid riding. Hopefully this year the trips and good times can start happening like it was before COVID hit. Either way, this is a real good watch, so hit play and check it out.

Over the last summer when the situation settled down a little bit, we managed to hit the road with Ryoma Quenot to visit some friends in Bordeaux, France. Thanks to a convenient boot in the car we even had enough room to bring our small ramp along in case we would find a good setup on the way.

We spent a couple of days there having the best of time with the locals and managed to come up with a 3 min video for everyone’s viewing pleasure.
I hope this will get people pumped to ride despite the virus.” – Robin Bourhis

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