BMX Tires Explained – Folding VS Non-Folding

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Want to learn a little bit about BMX tires? Here’s a video where Brant Moore talks about BMX tires from sizing, PSI, style and more. This also focuses more on the folding Kevlar bead style versus a traditional wire bead tire. This is some good knowledge, especially if you’re just starting out in BMX. Hit play and take a look!

Everything you need to know when learning about BMX tires!
At first glance, a tire on a BMX bike may seem very simple as far as the numbers go, but when you take a closer look there are a few more things to consider than what meets the eye!
In this video I cover what all of the numbers on your BMX tire mean, as well as a few different factors such as material and folding vs non folding!
” – Brant Moore

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Kink BMX

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