BMX The Game – Major Update 0.7.2

Here’s some news for the riders out there who have been playing, or are thinking about picking up a copy of BMX The Game. They just pushed through a major update with a bunch of new tricks, features and more to continue to improve the game. This game has been years in the making, but seems like it’s starting to get back on track the past month or two after disappearing for a while. Take a peek.

Hi Riders,

The Major Update is now available! Almost two months have passed since the launch on Steam Early Access. During this time we have worked hard collecting your feedback and producing accordingly.

We see that this is working very well and helps us to optimize resources and have a clearer production line. We hope that this new update will help improve the gaming experience and show that we are working hard every day.

Thanks to all of you who are supporting us by providing feedback and giving good recommendations on Steam! That gives us the strength to continue and get ahead!

Thank you all, we continue!” – BMX The Game

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