BMX News 7/24/20

Another week has flown by and that means that it is time for Brant Moore to give you a full recap of all the best BMX videos, news, interviews and products that popped up over the past week! As always, Brant has put together a video giving you a full recap, then you can check out everything he talks about down below! Hit play and get caught up!

Kier Sirlin – Rollin With Fit

Nathan Williams – Why Not? – Leftovers

Video Contest To Win A Panasonic HMC152 Kit

James Foster Off Hyper On Standard

Chad Kerley On Swatch

Nico Van Loon Welcome To WeThePeople

Alessandro Izzo – Welcome To Verde/SI BMX

Janky Evan Welcome To Eighties Bike Co


Matt Closson 2020 Video

Brandon Begin – Training Facility

Casey Starling 2020 Merritt Video

Subrosa Quaranteam Mix Vol: 2

Clint Millar’s 46th Birthday Session

Catty Woods 4th Of July Jam 2020

S&M TV – The Career Of Matt Beringer

Stranger – Supercool


ECLAT Bruno Hoffmann – The Centric Pedal

Corey Walsh – Fast And Loose Tire Promo From Cult


Decoding Athletes With Terry Adams – From Matthias Dandois

Nikita Ducarroz’s Olympic Journey

Ryan Mills Covid Experience

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