BMX News 2/12/21

It’s Friday once again, and that means it’s time to get caught up with all the latest BMX videos, news and products! As always, Brant Moore has a fresh episode of BMX News with a full recap to get you caught up! This week had a bit of drama, but there’s a bunch of other great videos and news to check out. Check out Brant’s recap and opinion on things up top, then check out everything he discusses in full down below!

USL Skyscraper Game Of Bike Matt Ray Vs Chad Kerley Vs Broc Raiford​

Calling The Shots With Matt Ray​

Pumped BMX Flow – February 18th​

Nowear Cornhuckit 2020​


Jacob Thiem 10 Clips At Anthem​

Rob Diquattro – Missed Call​

Mark Webb – The Fun Doesn’t Stop – Entity BMX Shop DVD​

Dan Kruk Spot Crusher​

Whammo Wednesday 4 – S&M​

Dave Freimuth DK Damn Kids Section​

Anthony Perrin 2021 Federal Video​

Montana Ricky We Are Dead Krow Welcome Video​

Winter Wedgewood Chaos 2021​

Skapegoat Vacilando Full Video​


Broc Raiford Signature Forecaster Complete Promo​


Odyssey 10 Spot – Corey Walsh​

Lukas & Nate Halahan In Austin From S&M​

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