BMX News 1/29/21

It’s Friday and with the week coming to an end, that means that it is time for Brant Moore to give you a full recap of all the big news, new videos, products and more in a new episode of BMX News! This week was definitely one wild one with plenty of drama, but fortunately most of it got resolved and there was plenty of other great things to take in! Hit play for Brant’s recap up top, then check out everything he discusses in full down below!

Brad Simms Off Fit​

Fingers Crossed WTP Swamp Master

Skyscraper Game Of Bike Round 1 Videos

Felix Prangenberg On Monster Energy –​

Dan Norvell Welcome To S&M Pro​


Mad Mike – Brickwork – GT​

Escaping Winter In Cali – Matt Ray​

Trey Jones – The Lot From Shadow​

Curfew In California From United​

Louis Brouckaert Belgium BMX From BSD​

Credence 2021 Mixer​

Emerson Morgan – Drains – Fit​

Beyond The Ordinary – Lara Lessman & Friends From Red Bull

Rad Girls BMX Flatland 2020​

Monster/Toyota Triple Challenge Houston​

Caracas Trails Contest 2021​

Best Of Challenges Battle Of The Brands​


Bone Deth – Josh Delarosa Bike Check​

Viking BMX Full Titanium Brand


Life Is Just A Ride – Simple Session Documentary​

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