BMX / DIRT JUMPER | Bootlegs & B-Sides ft. Francis Delapena

Maaaan, it’s been entirely too long since Francis Delapena has put out a new video. Here’s a look at what he’s been getting into this past year in this video filled with clips on his BMX bike and his big bike dirt jumper that looks right at home on ramps and street spots. As always, Francis delivers with some great riding, creative and entertaining filming and editing, and good vibes. Hit play and take a look! You won’t be disappinted.

A little bike riding and some fits of random.

When I got a big BMX bike earlier this year, I thought it was just going to be an experimental side piece, but it ended up becoming a nine month affair. Many riders will say it’s actually an MTB, but I’ll argue it’s more like a 26” BMX bootleg with its own charm and appeal. Riding this thing felt a lot like discovering and falling in love with BMX all over again, and I am so thankful to have that feeling rejuvenated this far into my life. Here’s a little mix of clips from me playing around on it.

Camera + Edit:
Your Mom

My Little Brother by Art Brut

Special Thanks:
Odyssey BMX
April McCafferty
Rob Ferret
Jake Manlick
Dog” – Francis Delapena

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