Basics of BMX Frame Geometry Explained

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If you’re newer to BMX, there’s a good chance you don’t really know all the terminology or what all the geometry means. Brant Moore put together this fairly quick video giving you a run through of the basics of BMX frame geometry that will help you understand BMX frames a little better. Hit play to let Brant give you the run through. If you would like a more in-depth look, you can check out our BMX Frame Geometry Guide or a more in-depth video from Brant below based on that post.

Basic and to the point definitions of BMX frame geometry without the sometimes overwhelming in depth explanation. For a much deeper dive into frame geometry here is a great video

This video covers what each term of frame geometry is on a base level; explaining how each term is measured in regards to angle/length without going too deep in how they are measured physically. Perfect for someone who is just starting to learn about BMX and wants to get a feel for what some of these terms are.” – Brant Moore

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