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Oh yeah, this is awesome! For the past few years Adam Cox has been living up in Canada enjoying the sight and cruising the amazing street spots, parks, trails and pools! He recently made the move back home to Australia, so he figured it was time to put together the footage he had collected from sessions he got in with friends. This BMX video is loaded with great riding and super clean film work, making for a super good watch! We can only imagine how many memories this video sparks for Adam! Hit play and take a look. You won’t be disappinted.

Aside from many epic road trips through North America over the past near 2 years this is how I spent the rest of my time in Vancouver, Canada. Sadly we left earlier than hoped due to Corona but still stoked to be able to piece this video together and to be able to get back to Australia safe. I am So grateful to of called this place home and to have made many new amazing friends for life.
We will be back Vancouver..

Enjoy!” – Adam Cox

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