A Look At How BMX Frames Have Changed In 15 Years

With how dialed BMX bikes have become over the years, it’s pretty crazy to look back and see just how much BMX frames have changed over the years. Mike Fede decided to dig into his stash of old frames spanning the past 15 years to look at just how much they have changed over the years from bearing styles, weight, geometry, designs, materials and heat-treating. This is a really cool look back for the older riders, and probably a pretty crazy thing to see if you are new to BMX and don’t know how we got to where we are these days with the quality of BMX bikes in a fairly short period of time

Today it’s still a bit wet from the rain, so I decided to pull out some of my old frames I road over the years and take a look at what’s changed, and weigh them to see how far we have come with specs and materials! I hope you like this trip down memory lane. Let me know what you use to ride and what you ride now.” – Mike Fede

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