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A brand entirely focused on making Titanium BMX products. Introducing Viking BMX.

Here’s some news that popped up in the inbox this morning that will get the titanium lovers out there excited. Over the past few years we’ve seen interest in Titanium products start to come back around. Although expensive, it seems like more riders have been willing to pay the extra money to save the precious ounces. Laird Frame has been doing custom titanium frames, bars and forks for a few years now, RNC made an unexpected return last year introducing a bunch of new products like full titanium cranks. Now, there’s a new brand called Viking BMX coming out of Barcelona, Spain that is focused on titanium products as well! The brand is lead by David Palau-Costa, who has an engineering background and has been working on developing titanium BMX products for the past 7 years. The brand officially launched on January 21st. They sent over a press release, along with a look at some of their products, geared toward park and flatland riding, that you can check out below. As expected, the prices are up there, but that is expected with full titanium. They have launched their website, which includes a webstore with a mix of their products, RNC products, and a few other non-titanium items from brands like Profile Racing.

It looks like Viki Gomez is on board, and has a new video that you can find down below as well!

Although we’ve seen titanium in BMX, it seems like lately there has been an increase in options, which is pretty cool to see!

Check out the full press release below!

After a long career as an R + D + I (Research, Innovation and Development) engineer and industrial designer in the world of automotive, motorcycling as well as in product design, David Palau-Costa decided to start a project related to the passion that has accompanied him since he was a young boy: BMX. He was always linked to the practice of road cycling and MTB but his return to BMX was due to the hobby of his eldest teenaged son, when he one day bought him a 16“ bike, that was when David hallucinated about the great development BMX freestyle of today. This inspired him.

However, since there is always room for improvement, he saw this as an opportunity to develop, innovate and design something that could potentially be beneficial to a wider public, younger kids, boys and girls.

After some research and further market studies, David realised that regardless whether you are a professional or an amateur rider there was a specific need in the global market of BMX in order for the progression that could potentially advance and help some riders to improve their performance, and simply to push the motivation to ride BMX. That would be developing lighter and stronger products and components.

Viking BMX Titanium Fork

A general first thought was naturally to create a much lighter BMX bicycle. But, that also most importantly needs to be strong and durable for all kind of disciplines within the sports of BMX taking into consideration the jumps, hard landings and crashes. Ultimately, the idea is to enhance and improve the performance in terms of riding BMX as a hobby and pure pleasure as well as a profession for elite BMX athletes. However, foremost to promote this highly entertaining and joyful sports art to newcomers and kids. A light BMX bike will encourage anyone of all sizes, age and to encourage more female riders.

“Our frame is strong and resistant as an ax and light as a feather.”

Quality Tested Products
The first prototypes were created seven years ago, in 2013 and has since been tested by multiple international riders within two BMX disciplines such as; Park/Street and Flatland.

Viking BMX Titanium Bars

How much do Viking BMX products weigh?
Frame: 1.1 – 1.2Kg ( 2.64 lbs. / 42.32 oz.)
Handelbar: 0.525 Kg ( 1.1574269 lbs. / 18.51 oz. )
Fork: 0.5 Kg” ( 1.10231 lbs./ 17.637 oz. ) – Viking BMX

You can learn more about Viking BMX and their products on their website —

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