9 Year Old Sousuke Hayata

With the smaller bikes getting to be really amazing, it has made it easier for younger kids to learn how to ride BMX, and in some cases ride like guys who have been at it for years! 9 year old Sousuke Hayata has been added to the Wethepeople BMX team, and after watching this short but sweet welcome video, it’s easy to see why! This kid is looking like a street riding prodigy. If he’s already throwing down the combos he’s doing now, and seems to have some serious hops for his size, we can only imagine what he will be doing by the time he can get on a 20″ bike! Hit play and check this out! Those crankflips!

Welcome to the team Sousuke Hayata! 🇯🇵

This 9 year old Japanese street shredder has more swag and steeze than riders 3 times his age. Seeing an even younger generation than ever before progress at such a rapid rate motivates us to develop a higher standard of bike aimed at the younger rider. We’re incredibly excited to welcome Sousuke to the crew and to watch him progress and grow into an even more dialled rider on his 2021 #SEED 16” we kitted out with some aftermarket goodness.

Filmed by Hiro Hayata.” – Wethepeople BMX

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