2021 BMX Grips Buyers Guide

Grips…you hold onto ’em. Some people like them hard, some people like them soft. Some people like them with flanges, some people like them without. Some people like them brand new, some people like them worn in, some weirdos out there boil them (Really, that’s a thing). There’s even that one grom at your local park who rides without them, because he just likes the way it looks. This buyers guide is for everyone except that kid, courtesy of Source BMX.

BSD Leezus Grips
Leezy was cutting the inner flange off his Paley Slims so that the mushroom part of the grip went right to the end. His reason being that that it was comfier to catch barspins on. So BSD designed the new Leezus Handles around that idea, coupled with their new softer stickier compound these slim grips feel as good as they look.
Colors: Black, White, Gum, Berry, Carbon Grey, Steel Blue, Surplus Green
Price: $9.99

BSD Dan Paley Slim Grips
Dan Paley’s signature grips from BSD. Dan Paley is really fussy when it comes to grips, not too fat, not too thin, not to squishy the list goes on. The Dan Paley slim grips are just right. Made from soft Krayton rubber, 160mm long with a 29mm diameter when installed. Comes complete with color matched Plastic BSD barends.
Colors: Black,Carbon Grey, Steel Blue, Surplus Green
Price: $9.99

BSD Passenger Grips
Kriss wanted a grip with a bit more cushion that the Dan Paley Slims and a little longer, he went with a simple mushroom style design because it works well, nothing more, keep it simple and remember to close the door on the way out.
Colors: Black, White, Gum, Classic Orange, Carbon Grey, Steel Blue, Surplus Green
Price: $9.99

Cinema Circus Grips
Cinema Focus grips are proudly manufactured in the USA by none other than ODI, using ODI’s superior rubber material. The flangeless design features a generous 160mm (6.3”) width and super comfortable 30.5mm (1.2”) diameter. Thin mushroom style ribs fold over to conform to your hand, making these grips super comfortable and grippy. The subtle offset octagonal profiles provide even more grip, while still being ultra-thin and soft to give that perfect feel. Sold in pairs and include plug style barends.
Colors: Black, Clear, Gum, Red
Price: $10.99

Cinema Interlace Grips
Classic Cinema grips, available in Black, Clear, Gum, Iceberg, and Red with Black Splash.
Colors: Black, Clear, Gum, Iceberg, Red with Black Splash
Price: $9.99

Alienation Backlash V2 Grips
The Backlash V2 is designed with an alternating micro finned bi-directional pattern for unmatched performance and grip.
Colors:Black, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Turquoise Tie Dye, Purple Tie Dye, Red Tie Dye
Price: $9.99

Alienation Moto Grips
The Moto grips feature flangeless lock-on with an ultra thin profile, a proprietary window technology for greater comfort with the classic motocross style. Knurled on the top side with a half waffle pattern below, featuring a 1 pc alloy end cap for simplicity and safety.
Colors: Black, Red, Grey
Price: $9.99

Stolen Troop Grips
Ribbed design offered in a longer length more suited for big bars. Vortex Rubber Bar Plugz included.
Colors: Black, Bright Blue, Blood Red, or White
Price: $6.99

Stolen Hive Grips
Unique Hive pattern with TaperGrip technology to keep your hands on the bars.  We also added our SuperStick rubber compound which is soft and long lasting. Vortex Rubber Bar Plugz included.
Colors: Black, Bright Blue, Caribbean Green, Clear, Gang Green, Glow in the Dark Green, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Purple, Red, or White
Price: $9.99

Stolen Kung Fu Grips
A wider grip designed for comfort and todays big bars. Thermalite BarPlugz included.
Colors: Black, Gum, Clear
Price: $10.99

Stolen Team Grips
The Team grip was designed by our team riders who wanted a wider, more comfortable grip for big bars ad brakeless riders. Vortex PC Bar Plugz included.
Colors: Black, Bright Blue, Bright Green, or Blood Red
Price: $6.99

Eighties Team Grips
Classic ribbed design w/Eighties Band Logo
Irregular rib sizes to keep them comfortable and very durable
150mm legnth with Flanges. Cut line to make them flangeless easy.
Pentagram PC bar ends included.
Colors: Black, Purple, Red
Price: $10.00

Stranger Eric L Supersoft Grips
The Eric L. Grip features a thin almost mesh like pattern throughout the entire grip with small smooth flanges on each end. The extra long 165mm length makes them perfect for modern riding and the ultra soft compound makes them feel good right off the shelf. Please note bar end colors may vary.
Colors: Black
Price: $10.99

Stranger Quan Grips
Caleb Quanbeck signature grips from Stranger. The Quan grip is available in either Kraton or a super durable silicone compound. Available in 165mm long and features a flangeless reversible pattern.
Colors: Gum, Teal & Black, Black & Green Swirl, Black, Red & Black, Glo Yellow & Black, Trans Purple
Price: $11.50

Stranger Piston Grips
Connor Keatings signature grips from Stranger. The Piston grip features a wavey ribbed pattern made from our proprietary soft rubber compound. 165mm long, Stranger plugz bar ends included.
Colors: Blac, Purple, Dark Blue, Dark Red, Gum
Price: $11.50

Odyssey Broc Raiford Grips
Broc Railfords signature grips from Odyssey. The Broc Railford grips feature long, low profile with a classic mushroom design.
Colors: Various
Price: $10.91

Odyssey Travis Grips
Travis Hughes’ signature design features a multi-directional ribbed pattern for superior grip and comfort no matter how your hand lands on it. Bar ends included.
Colors: Black, Blue, Black/Blue Swirl, Black/Yellow Swirl
Price: $10.91

Odyssey Keyboard V2 Grips
Odyssey introduces a new take on the concept with the Keyboard v2 grip. The grip’s unique dual shot injection process allows to offer a grip with an extra soft and thin feel in your hand, but with a harder secondary inner layer to help resist tearing. Its 165mm length holds on nicely to the keyboard concept. Includes Odyssey Par Ends. Plus, it comes with emojis* hand-picked by Aaron!
Colors: Black, Hot Pink, Black/Florescent Yellow, Lavender, Black/Pink, Bright Red
Price: $10.99

Odyssey Warnin Grips
Odyssey Gary Young Warnin’ Grips. What’s better than a grip that already feels worn in? The alternating rib pattern on theOdyssey Warnin’ grip, as well as the grip’s unique dual shot injection process, allows to offer a grip with an extra soft and thin feel in your hand, but with a harder secondary inner layer to help resist tearing. As usual, Odyssey’s legendary Par Ends are included.
Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Gum, Billiard Green
Price: $10.99

Kink Samurai Grips
The Kink Samurai grips, as the name suggests, were inspired by the amazing craftsmanship used in Japanese Samurai swords. Beautiful design, quality craftsmanship and the best materials. With this all in mind, the Samurai grips are manufactured by ODI in the USA using ODI’s propriety rubber compound. The grip pattern itself has also been inspired by Samurai sword handles, creating a superior gripping surface. A perfectly paired set of plug style barends are also included.
Colors: Black
Price: $10.99

Primo Chase Grips
Extra long ribbed grip from Primo designed with Chase Dehart with thin spaced out ribs to provide the cushion of a thick grip with the feel of a thinner one. Made from supersoft rubber compound. Bar ends included.
Colors: Black, Yellow, Olive, Navy Blue, Dark Red
Price: $10.95

Primo Cali Grips
Michael Harkous signature grip from Primo. The cali grip featuring a thick ribbed pattern to give an extra soft grippy feel and an extra long 170mm length. Made from our own proprietary grippy and soft rubber compound. The Barends included with these grips can be assorted colours and assorted brand, you will receive either Primo or Stranger plastic ends. Also available in SuperSoft.
Colors: Teal, Dark Blue, Black, Tan, Army Green
Price: $10.95

ODI Longneck Grips
The ODI longneck grip has been around for what seems like a lifetime. Originating from the old mushroom grip its ribbed design makes it a great shock absorber and really comfortable. They’re made in the USA and last for ages. Plastic bar ends included. Also available without flanges and in Soft-X
Colors: Aqua, Pink, Purple, Black, Green, Blue, Red
Price: $10.95

ODI O Grips
The “O” Grips from ODI offer an improved feel right out of the box and improved traction from the multi-directional rib pattern. The softer durometer compound offers improved comfort right and multi-directional rib pattern provides excellent shock absorption. Thicker O-shaped ribs offer improved control. Includes Push In Style end plugs.
Colors: Black, Blue, Red
Price: $10.95

ODI X Vans Flangeless Lock-On Grips
wo Southern California originals have teamed up to create a modern-day classic design. Featuring the classic Vans waffle sole pattern and constructed from ODI’s proprietary grip compounds for a consistent feel that provides exceptional control in all conditions. Available as part of the patented Lock-On Grip System for guaranteed slip-free performance and simple installation. For MTB, BMX, ATV and PWC applications.
Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Gum, Purple
Price: $32.95

ODI Hucker Signature Grips
Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark brings his So Cal attitude to life with the new Signature Hucker Grips. Designed for both aesthetics and performance.The 160mm grips Californa-inspired Beach scene has been intricately laid out to provide traction and padding in key areas where they are needed most. Features a unique two material design that allows for improved bar adhesion and less grip slippage. Soft vertical ribs provide excellent padding. Horizontal ribs on front of the grip offer improved traction.
Colors: Black/Green, Black/Green, Graphite/Orange, Orange/White
Price: $12.95

ODI Ruffian Lock-On Grips
The same grip as the Ruffian but with the new lock-on system. The lock-on system uses two clamps at each end of the grip eliminated throttle grip.
Colors: Black
Price: $16.49

Colony Much Room Grips
Colony Much Room BMX Grips come in an almost endless selection of colours that are always changing!
Colors: Black, Red, Purple, Gum, Purple Storm, Bloody Black, Yellow Storm, Tiger Storm, Choc Swirl, Pink, Grey Camo & Technicolor.
Price: $10.99

SNAFU Magical Grips
Super soft compound. Comes with plastic bar plugs.
Colors: Black, Red, Purple
Price: $9.99

Haro Team Grips
The Haro Team Flange Grip is a grip that has a slight throw back to our Lineage. The grip has a soft Krayton 25 count Durometer and is 150mm wide. Also available in Flangeless.
Colors: Black, Gum, White, Neon Yellow, Neon Pink
Price: $11.99

Haro Grip Off Grip
Haro Grip Offs are designed for that rider that likes to change his grip hold as he/she rides. With a soft Krayton 25 count Durometer, these will fit to the palm of your hand with ease.
Colors: Black, Purple, Grey
Price: $11.99

Haro Octagon Grips
Haro Octogon grips are 142mm wide w/Mid Flange Tread inspired by our riders. Soft Krayton 25 count Durometer Rubber, so perfect for trails, park or street.
Colors: Black, White
Price: $11.99

Haro Baseline Grips
Colors: Black
Price: $11.99

GT Super Soft Grips
Super soft rib design,Tacky Krayton material, Tight spaced ribs in center of grip for increased shock absorption while staying soft, Removable flange, 7mm adjustable grip length on non-flange side to 144mm.
Colors: Black, Army Green, Light Blue, Gum, White
Price: $11.00

DailyGrind DG Grips
Super soft Kraton rubber flangeless grips from Dailygrind. 160mm Length, include hard rubber bar ends.
Colors: Black, Gum, Cotton Candy, Black/Green, Purple, Black/Red
Price: $9.95

Animal Edwin V2 Flangeless Grips
Longer V2 version of Edwin Delarosa’s flangeless signature grip from Animal. Made from Krayton rubber and featuring a kind of patch work mushroom pattern. Supplied with Animal push in plastic bar ends.
Colors: Black, Purple, Army Green
Price: $15.27

Animal Nigel Sylvester Signature Grips
Nigel Sylvester signature grip from Animal. This grip features a soft, spiral pattern for increased comfort.
Colors: Black, Brown
Price: $11.95

Cult X Vans Waffle Grips
Flanged version of the popular Cult X Vans waffle grips. These grips are designed by Cult and made by ODI in the USA from their krayton soft rubber compound. This grip uses the legendary Vans waffle design and Cult are hoping they prove to be as popular as BMX grips as they are as shoes. Also available in flangeless.
Colors: Black, Blue, White, Red, Rose, Glow In The Dark, Yellow, Olive Orange
Price: $10.99

Cult Begin Grips
Brandon Begin signature flangeless grip from Cult made from a soft Krayton compound rubber with a thin diameter. Bar ends included.
Colors: Black, Gum, Gum Swirl, Lime Green Swirl, White Swirl, Rose Swirl
Price: $10.99

DK Tskuda Lock-On Grips
The DK Tsuka grip (pronounced Sue-kuh) is named after the handle of a Japanese samurai sword, featuring a unique fanned rib pattern. It is a perfect combination of comfort and durability.
Colors: Black
Price: $29.99

Demolition Axes Flangeless Grips
Colors: Black, Grape, Chili, Purple/Clear
Price: $10.99

Duo Martinez Grips
Corey Martinez’s signature DUO Brand grip, Comes with DUO Brand Resilite bar ends, Comes with DUO Brand Resilite bar ends, Made in the USA by ODI
Colors: Black, Red, White, Military Green
Price: $9.99

Duo Van Homan Grips

Van Homan signature grips from Duo. The Homan grips feature a slightly thinner profile than most and use a super soft ribbed pattern for the grip. Also available in flangeless.
Colors: Black, Clear, Military Green
Price: $9.96

Eclat Zap Grips
Zap Grips from Éclat. The Zap grip is a long grip that has been designed with various cutting lines at both ends. One end of the grip has a tall flange, the other a micro flange, so you can trim to the right length and have the flange to suit your style.
Colors: Black, Camo, Gum, Dark Purple
Price: $10.99

Eclat Pulsar Grips
This flangeless mushroom style grip is made in the USA by ODI grips using their super soft rubber compound which combined with Eclat’s specially designed rib profile, makes for their best feeling and longest lasting grip yet. Includes the new USA made Éclat nylon barends.
Colors: Various
Price: $10.99

Eclat Shogun Grips
An all new team grip from Éclat. Made from a soft but long lasting Vex Krayton rubber material. With input from the full Éclat Pro team you know these are going to be a popular grip for a long time to come! Includes the new Éclat Tech-Bolt system barends.
Colors: Black, Grey, Pastel Yellow, Camo, Lilac, Pink, Teal, Blue, Army Green
Price: $11.99

Eclat Bruno Grips
Bruno Hoffman Signature Grips from Éclat. Bruno loved the Filter grips, these have a similar pattern but are a bit longer and thinner with the Frankfurt skyline at the base. Made of VEX compound rubber.
Colors: Black, Gum, Burgandy, Army Green
Price: $9.99

Fit Tech Grips
An updated long version of a FIT classic. Has the familiar broken-in feel and tackiness of the original with a slightly larger diameter to help absorb impacts and an optional cutaway flange. Also available flangeless
Colors: Black, Clear, Black/Yellow
Price: $9.95

Fit Savage V2 Flangeless Grips
Slightly thicker ribs than most grips to cushion savage drops. Extra soft and tacky rubber. Black Bar Plugs included.
Colors: Black/Yellow, Black/Red, Black/Dark Purple, Orange/White
Price: $9.95

Fly Devon Grips
Signature Devon Smilie BMX Grips from Fly. The Devon grips feature a smooth mushroom design with micro flanges and are 160mm long. Comes with push in plastic bar ends.
Colors: Various
Price: $10.95

Fly Ruben 2 Grips
2020 marks the 15th anniversary of the iconic Ruben Alcantara signature Ruben grip, so Fly have had plenty of time to come up with some improvements to the classic grip. They ́ve been wanting to go for this with Ruben for some time now, and now is the time! Barends included.
Colors: Black, Gum
Price: $9.95

Mission Tactile Grips
The Mission Tactile grips are a super comfortable flangeless grip, with a generous 160mm length. The spiral rib pattern feels soft while still providing tons of grip and just the right amount of support. Ultra-durable expanding wedge style barends come included and are a much-welcomed upgrade over standard plug style barends.
Colors: Black, Clear
Price: $7.99

Merritt Cross Check Grips
Charlie Crumlish signature grips, soft kraton rubber with a flangeless design that’s long and thin. Plastic bar ends included.
Colors: Black, Purple, Grey, Gum
Price: $11.00

Merritt Itsy Grip
The Itsy grip is a 175mm long flangeless grip with a simple and comfortable geometric design. Made with a soft kraton rubber compound and includes ultra durable Merritt Insert Bar Ends.
Colors: Black, Purple, Teal, Brick Red, Tarheel Blue
Price: $10.99

S&M Hoder Grips
Mike Hoder’s signature grips are made in the USA by ODI from a Super Soft compound for the feel Mike wanted. At 31.5mm they are a little Bigger Than Most to help cushion some of Hoder’s infamous landings.
Colors: Various
Price: $9.99

S&M Reynolds Grips
Clint Reynold’s signature grips are made in the USA by ODI from a Super Soft compound for the feel Clint wanted. Designed with a little smaller diameter and shorter length than most of today’s “street” grips. Medium sized flange.
Colors: Black, Merlot, Army Green
Price: $10.95

S&M Ganja Groups
The Ganja grip from S&M. Soft yet durable repeating leaf design including plastic bar ends.
Colors: Black, Dank Green
Price: $9.99

Salt XL Grips
VEX Kraton rubber grip from Saltplus. The XL grip is very slim and features ribbed styled pattern with small flanged ends. Comes with matching colour bar ends. Also available flangeless.
Colors: Black, Camo
Price: $8.99

Subrosa Griffin DCR Grips
Mark Burnett signature Griffin Grip from Subrosa. The Griffin grip features one flat side, and one small flanged side gives riders more options for comfort and personal preference. Soft, durable DCR formula increases the life of the grip, and feels great from the first ride on.
Colors: Various
Price: $10.99

Subrosa Dialed DCR Grips
Off the success of the Genetic Grip, Shadow knew they were on the right track with grips, so they set out to make the new Dialed Grip. Using the same materials, the same diameter, but they shortened the overall length to accommodate riders who use brakes. Proven DCR material. Includes Subrosa Nylon bar end. Flangeless only.
Colors: Various
Price: $10.99

Sunday Cornerstone Grips
Colors: Black, Navy, Toothpaste, Bright Red
Price: $10.99

Sunday Seeley Grips
Jake’s grip comes in at 160mm and features a gradually increasing rib width. This grip can be run either way, depending on which side you prefer. The grip also features a tapered core for comfort.
Colors: Black, Kiwi, Sky Blue, Blue Swirl
Price: $10.99

WeThePeople Hilt XL Grips
The classic mushroom styled Hilt Grip has been given a facelift and now measures up at 160mm long to fit today’s wider bars. Available in flanged or flangeless, and featuring customizable rubber rings to give your bike that extra hint of color. Made with vex compound rubber for a better feel. VEX rubber compound.
Colors: Black, Pastel Green, Gum, Yellow/Black, Red
Price: $9.99

WeThePeople Raptor Grips
All over scale pattern grip with micro flange from WethePeople with a favourite for many of the WTP team riders, made from VEX rubber compound.
Colors: Black, Camo
Price: $9.99

WeThePeople Manta Flangeless Grips
A super thin grip with a unique Ripple profile for a more direct thin feel to the bars. Made from a super soft rubber compound.
Colors: Black, Gum, Red
Price: $9.99

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