2020 California Road Trip

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There weren’t too many riders getting their road trip on in 2020, but that didn’t stop Dylan Wright, Tyler Shaw and Clay Cain from loading up for a trip from Texas to California, hitting up a bunch of parks along the way. Hit play to check out what they got into! Despite a pandemic going on, it looks like these guys had an absolute blast riding parks like Premise in Arizona, the Full Factory ramps, concrete parks and more. Hit play and take it all in!

Tyler Shaw, Clay Cain and myself finally punched the gas on making a trip to California to see our sisters and cousins. We rented a van that was our home for a week and a half making stops at so many cool skateparks not even making a dent in how much there is to ride in between Texas and the West coast. This trip was the best trip ever and I am so happy to have two amazing friends in my life that don’t mind roughing it out for the love of the sport. You two inspire me so much and I will never be able to thank y’all enough for everything. Until next time cousins!” – Dylan Wright

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