2020 9th Street DIY Skatepark BMX Jam

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There haven’t been a ton of jams going off this year, but we’ve seen a handful go down the past few weeks. Here’s a highlight video from the 2020 9th Street DIY Skatepark Jam that went down out in Ohio. It looks like there was a real solid turn out and a ton of great riding that went down. There’s definitely a few tricks we didn’t expect to see in this. It looks like everyone had a real good time (except maybe the guys that took some heavy slams) and they even managed to get Catfish on the mic for a little bit. Take a peek!

Best of the best from what might be Ohio’s biggest BMX event in over 10 years!!

9th Street DIY is an amazing do it yourself skatepark in Canton Ohio where so many people have lent a hand in creating the masterpiece in this video. Everyone threw down and no one got majorly hurt. Expect the full raw highlights tomorrow or Tuesday!!

A huge thanks goes out to Gage Sharp, Tristan Newbury, Kevin Bumlife Stovall, and everyone else involved to make this jam what it was including Brimstone Bicycles!!!” – Brant Moore

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